Sheriff's Office Chaplain


Chaplains will perform the following tasks and other such duties requested by the Sheriff’s Office:

  1. When a Deputy has been killed or seriously wounded/injured, a Sheriff's Office Chaplain will be called out to respond and offer spiritual counsel to those affected.
  2. Sheriff's Office Chaplains will be called out to assist officials in making notifications to families of officers receiving serious injuries or upon death.
  3. Sheriff's Office Chaplains should be called out to assist officers in making other serious injury or death notifications in particularly difficult situations. Chaplains will be called out to assist at the scene of just occurred confirmed fatal traffic accidents assisting with associated notifications as needed.
  4. Attend and participate in funerals of active and retired members of the department.
  5. Counsel Deputies with personal problems when requested.
  6. Call on sick and injured Deputies personnel at home or in the hospital.
  7. Conduct memorial services and religious activities.
  8. Participate in departmental ceremonies.
  9. Attend staff meetings as directed by the Sheriff or his designee.
  10. When requested by the department, provide liaison to other religious leaders in the community.
  11. Provide pastoral care in crisis situations.
  12. Maintain a visible presence to all departmental personnel.