Serial Number Registry

Serial numbers can be found on televisions, stereos, game systems, computers, firearms, kitchen appliances, camcorders, air conditioners, cell phones, cameras and numerous other items. Finding one stolen item with a recorded serial number can sometimes help investigators solve multiple burglaries. It is important to take photographs of jewelry and other items that do not have serial numbers. Also use a permanent marker to place your initials on CD's, DVD's, videos and game cartridges for identification purposes.

Each account’s information is password protected and accessed via a secure socket layer network connection, which is the same type of connection used when accessing an online bank account. The system utilizes the same high-level security measures used by financial institutions and government agencies in protecting the information that is entered.

The Ellis County Sheriff’s Office invites people to help spread the word about this free property inventory system for citizen use. Please tell your friends and neighbors so they can register their serial numbers and protect their valuables.

This service, which can be used for insurance purposes, also, has a maximum of 100 items; however, it can be extended to more if an email is sent to LeadsOnline’s technical support, as explained on its website.

Anyone who experiences the theft of an item will still file a report with law enforcement for investigation. Law enforcement does not have access to individual accounts set up under this system. Should your property go missing, you will need to print the information from any computer with Internet access to give to your detective.

Go to and it will take you to a login screen where you can sign up and start logging your serial numbers to your valuable items.