Inmate Correspondence

Mail Procedure

Below is an example of how to address letters to an inmate.

Inmates Full Name - Inmate Book-In Number
300 S. Jackson St.
Waxahachie, TX 75165

General Information

  • Inmates are permitted to send and receive letters. Letters mailed to inmates shall be no larger than a standard letter envelope.
  • Writing supplies are furnished to indigent inmates.
  • Inmates are only allowed to have three (3) unframed photographs in their possession at any time.
  • The jail is responsible only for mail delivered to it by the U.S. Postal Service.
  • The sender must refer all tracer actions on lost mail directly to the post office.

What IS or IS NOT Contraband?

Allowed Items

  1. Personal correspondence that is hand written OR typed. (The officer needs to verify anything that is typed, not pass it over when they see it and assume it’s a printout.)
  2. Up to 3 photographs (photos can be on photo paper, regular copy paper or a Polaroid with the back removed)
  3. Printed legal paperwork. (this includes printouts if they are of a legal nature such as power of attorney forms, copies of citations, police report etc... these do not necessarily have to come from an attorney, if in doubt get with your Sgt. PRIOR to placing it in their property)


  1. Nothing printed from internet web pages
  2. Stickers or Glue. No stickers of any kind due to the ability to secrete illegal substances into the sticky part on the back.
  3. Paper clips, staples or metal brads
  4. No cards or card stock
  5. Confetti
  6. Money, money orders, or checks
  7. Books, newspapers or puzzles books (single page puzzles are allowed)
  8. Blank paper or envelopes
  9. Stamps
  10. Pens, Pencils, Erasers.
  11. Photographs depicting alcohol use, drug use, criminal activity or too much exposed body. Individuals depicted must meet visitation clothing standards. Sharpie covering something out of policy does not make it ok, the inmates simply rub the sharpie off.
  12. Anything the officer views as a possible security risk to the facility or other inmates. Verify such with the Sgt or LT prior to putting in their property.
  13. Anything that would be illegal under state or federal law.